Interface CommandContext

    • Method Detail

      • commandId

        long commandId()
        The id of the command. This is an internal ID generated by the proxy, and is unique to a given entity stream. It may be used for debugging purposes.
        The ID of the command.
      • commandName

        java.lang.String commandName()
        The name of the command.

        Corresponds to the name of the rpc call in the protobuf definition.

        The name of the command.
      • delete

        void delete()
        Delete the CRDT.

        When a CRDT is deleted, it may not be created again. Additionally, CRDT deletion results in tombstones that get accumulated for the life of the cluster. If you expect to delete CRDTs frequently, it's recommended that you store them in a single or sharded ORMap, rather than individual CRDTs.