Getting started


Dart version

Cloudstate Dart support requires Dart sdk >=2.7.0 <3.0.0.

Build tool

Use Dart Pub tool for build Cloudstate Dart projects.


Since Cloudstate is based on gRPC, you need a protoc compiler to compile gRPC protobuf descriptors. While this can be done by downloading, installing and running protoc manually. You will also need to add a plugin to compile the proto files for Dart classes.

pub global activate protoc_plugin

The compiler plugin, protoc-gen-dart, is installed in $HOME/.pub-cache/bin. It must be in your PATH for the protocol compiler, protoc, to find it.

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.pub-cache/bin


Cloudstate runs in Kubernetes with Docker, hence you will need Docker to build a container that you can deploy to Kubernetes. Below is a Dockerfile file with Dart support:

FROM google/dart


ADD pubspec.yaml /app/
RUN pub get
ADD . /app
RUN pub get --offline
RUN dart --snapshot-kind=kernel --snapshot=bin/main.dart.snapshot bin/main.dart

CMD []
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/dart", "--enable-asserts",  "--enable-vm-service:8181", "bin/main.dart.snapshot"]

In addition to the above, you will need to install the Cloudstate Dart support library, which can be done as follows:

  cloudstate: ^0.5.8
  async: ^2.2.0
  grpc: ^2.1.3
  protobuf: ^1.0.1

Protobuf files

You will need to create a folder to store the .proto definition files for your project. Create a folder called protos at the root of your project.

So, if you were to build the example shopping cart application shown earlier in gRPC descriptors and assuming you created a project called shopping_cart, you could simply paste that protobuf into shopping_cart/protos/shoppingcart.proto.

Now run protoc in the root folder of your project to generate Dart files:

protoc --include_imports \
     --descriptor_set_out=user-function.desc \
     -I protos/persistence/domain.proto protos/shoppingcart.proto \
Using the descriptor_set_out = user-function.desc option exactly as presented is mandatory since the Dart library will look for the user-function.desc file at the root of your project during the startup phase.

Creating a main function

Your main class will be responsible for creating the Cloudstate gRPC server, registering the entities for your placement and starting it. To do this, you can use the Cloudstate class server builder, for example, in the bin/ folder create a file called main.dart with the following content:

import 'package:cloudstate/cloudstate.dart';
import 'package:shopping_cart/src/eventsourced_entity.dart';

void main() {
        ..port = 8080
        ..address = 'localhost'
            'com.example.shoppingcart.ShoppingCart', ShoppingCartEntity)

We will see more details on registering entities in the coming pages.