Contributing to the project

Are you interested in helping make this vision a reality? We would love to have you! All contributions are welcome: ideas, criticism, praise, code, bug fixes, docs, buzz, etc. The following communication channels are available:

  • Our Mailing List is a good place to start with open ended discussions about Cloudstate

  • Join the discussion on our Gitter Channel.

  • The GitHub Issue Tracker is a good place to raise issues, including bug reports and feature requests.

  • You can also follow us on Twitter.

  • There are two weekly Cloudstate contributors' calls, which are scheduled so that people from around the world can attend. The schedule of calls can be found in this Google calandar.

    • Add this calendar to your Google calendar by clicking here.

    • Import into calendar apps that support iCal using this link.

The remainder of this section describes how to get started with your own build of Cloudstate and rationale around implementation choices: